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Yoga is the total connectedness through which comes eternal peace. It is the experience of oneness with the whole universe, infinitely large and infinitely small, inside and outside, in its every aspect. But not through our thoughts, ideas, or activities, not only to our fellow humans and environment, but to the whole (seemingly) living and (seemingly) non-living matter, through our whole body, mind, and being. 

The experience of suchness does not require any bodily movement, thinking, practice, or activity; it does not require the lack of thereof either; it's a gift beyond them. Various practices, mind or matter objects may be used to reach the state of yoga yet once established none of these are required any more. It is total emptiness and total wholeness at the same time in which strictly speaking there is no experiencer because experience and experiencer is the same; it's the reality experiencing itself. 

Yoga is consciously living the experience of suchness and yogis are those who do. Yoga is confusing to describe to people who haven't experienced it -- at least due to the limitations of using a language, thus the only way for a student is to strive.

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